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EPA Certified Lead Based Paint Removal

Prior to the 1970’s, the dangers of lead paint were not widely known or acknowledged. Now, we know that lead based paint can pose a serious health risk to anyone exposed to dust or fumes; Pregnant women and children are more likely to be severely affected by lead based paints. While its level of danger only increases when the paint becomes detached from the wall, you must consider that over time lead based paint will begin to flake off or crumble putting dangerous lead dust in the air, so it is safest for the health of you and your family to be removed as soon as it is identified.

When removing lead paint there are several critical precautions that must be taken or the problem can actually become worse. When removing lead based paint, dust and fumes containing lead can get kicked up and spread throughout a room, into vents, or even inhaled, so it is absolutely imperative to use cleaning methods that will not generate excess dust and fumes.

Carpenter working

Some examples of the precautions we take include (but are not limited to):

  • Always use some form of wet sanding or brushing.
  • Never dry hand sand.
  • If heat stripping, use a low temp heat gun.
  • Never use an open flame.
  • Never power wash without a way to collect/trap the water and paint chips.
  • Always do exterior work on calm days.
  • Always work one room at a time.
  • Always seal off the work area including vents, carpet, furniture, drapes, bedding, etc using heavy plastic sheets (6-mil thick or greater).
  • Daily collect debris spayed with water and store in doubled up bags.
  • Daily wet-dust and wet-mop all surfaces.

Furthermore, special protective gear must be worn at all times during the removal work. Cloths, mops, and debris have a specific disposal procedures to ensure contamination does not spread. This is why the EPA recommends only using experience and certified contractors to ensure the removal is completed correctly and safely.

Bailey Family Builders is EPA Certified to complete any and all lead based paint removal. We have years of experience and can give you the peace of mind knowing that the job was done thoroughly and correctly. Please give Bailey Family Builders a call at (972) 816-4955, and we gladly help keep your home safe.

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